1 Gold Medal

International Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship, 2023

2 Bronze Medals

9th World Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship, 2022

2 Gold Medals

Global Power Alliance Power Lifting EUROASIA Championship, 2020

2 Bronze Medals

8th World Strength Lifting & Incline Bench press Championship, 2020

About Me

Today we have a International Player who has represented India in various International Games worldwide and he is from Bilaspur. 

He is a Businessmen along with Active sports player. 

He runs 7 businesses in Bilaspur currently and also a Launch Director Consultant of BNI Bilaspur south. 

He has represented India,

In 2019, He has won 2 silver medals in 8th world strength lifting championship held in Thailand. 

In 2020, he has won 2 Gold medals in World cup Powerlifting championship held in Ukraine for India.

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My Happy Moment

My Blog Post

You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Rohan Shah now preparing for upcoming competition in Dubai 2023. As an Athlete he believes that he is stronger then h

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Look in the Mirror. That's your Competition.

I am my own competition. An important principle to live by is COMPETING against yourself. It's abou

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Rohan Shah Celebrated

Rohan Shah celebrated his achievements with school children, distributing the Sweet Gold Chocolate for his celebratio

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